Who We Are

We exist with the purpose of pushing forward our namesake, using our web to enable people of colored community to better understand this new world, reinforce education and what they need to learn to be successful and change the current layout of politics and the world itself.

This, is probably best accentuated by the current list of US Born Billionaires and Millionaires and their racial heritage.

927 Billionaires currently are listed as US Billionaires according to Forbes.

Of those 724, only 7 of them are people of color. Which is less than 0.01% of the total amount according to Forbes as of 2020. A pathetic synopsis of what we aspire to be in this country.

When it comes to millionaires, 8% of them in the US are Black, while we are 13% of the population. And even more shocking is compared to Asian and White people with High School Degrees or Masters Degrees, African American's are still 4-5% less likely(6 and 5%% versus 1% and 38% and 27% versus 6% respectively).

These stats largely indicate both a fault within how we are viewed at large, and changes that need to be made to fix these things.